There are thirty seconds left on the clock. Robots and their drivers are scrambling to pick up the neon yellow balls-that were once positioned nicely-and drop them into blue and red boxes that represent battleships. 10. Everyone one is panicking; one robot-constructed out of aluminum plates and screws-had a ball captured in its claws. 5….

Summer Pool

I stepped out into my backyard sliding the shiny glass door behind me. The June sun glared at me as I tip-toed on the rough, hot tiles as if they were hot coals. The smell of sunscreen lingered behind me as I admired my bright blue pool which sparkled in the light of the sun….


  I was sitting in my kindergarten classroom with my purple winter jacket curled up around me. From the window I could see the Texas flag with its lone star flailing wildly in the winter wind. When I touched the glass of the window, my hand with leave an imprint with the fog. Suddenly, I…