10 Tips For Doing Well In School

Going back to school may be stressful for some. Whether you’re a grade school student, middle school student, or even an high school student, these 10 tips will help you succeed in every class.

  1. Always keep a friendly relationship with your teachers. Teachers are very important when it come to school that’s why you should always communicate with them. I’m not saying that you should be a kiss-up or be the teacher’s pet, but keep the relation between you and your teacher(s) friendly after all you never know when you might need them.
  2. Keep a planner or an agenda. Some students think that they can remember all their homework from their classes and when every test is, but sometimes humans make mistakes. Accidently missing an assignment or forgetting a test can have some serious consequences on a students grade. So why take the risk? Always keep an agenda or planner to write homework, tests, and other important events to help you stay organized.
  3. Study, Study, Study! Many students think that studying means to cram all the things you’ve learned right before the test. However, this is a very ineffective way of studying; most of the time, you’ll forget all the information right after the test or even before the test. You should always start studying three to two days before the test. On day one and two you can practice and relearn the information that you’ve already learned. Then the day before the test, you can quiz yourself and review all the information so that you don’t have to cram.
  4.  Always Prioritize. Keep a list of your priorities for you to always refer to before you get started on your work. By doing so, you can do the most important things first and the least important things last. This will help prevent situations when you need to do five things but you only have time to do one.
  5.  Get Your Sleep. This is probably one of the most important tips. High school students pull of all-nighters more often than you think(probably because they hadn’t prioritized). But staying awake all night to finish some essay or paper does not do you any good. First of all, you’ll be very grumpy in the morning; second of all, your paper wont even have any quality to it since you were writing it while you were half asleep; third of all, you’ll be so sleepy during school that you’ll probably fall asleep during your classes.

Anyways I hope that all of you who go to school will use these tips to succeed in school!


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