What to do When Your Scalp is Being Eaten… Literally

Scratch scratch can be a big menace. Lice are a big problem that all of us will face one day unless we take necessary precautions. For those of you who were lucky enough to never encounter them, lice are small, pestering insects that roam through your hair laying eggs, multiplying, and feeding on your blood. Virtually, lice are like fleas, for humans. Similar to fleas, its important to keep in mind that lice can be avoided and killed. Since all they need to thrive and prosper is shelter, lice can live in adults and children.

First of all, if your head is itching, immediately investigate to make sure you don’t have lice. If you do happen to have lice, alert those around you to keep a distance as soon as possible so that the lice from your head will not crawl into theirs. This includes avoiding sharing combs, hair accessories, and anything hair related because lice can jump from one head to another.

Usually, in the beginning of a lice infestation, a few lice will lay eggs all across your scalp; new eggs are white, while healthy, ready-to-hatch eggs are black. The best way to encounter this problem is to stay calm and be knowledgeable. There are lots of medicines for lice out there like Robocomb and LiceMD. Find one that you personally like. Going through this experience is very annoying with all the itching and feelings of things crawling on your head; just stay patient and calm.

If you don’t have lice but find out another friend does, you should start being vigilant immediately. As mentioned before don’t share hair related things and certainly don’t go too near your lice infested friends. Anyways, remember to always have an eye out for those nasty insects and keep safe! Comment below if you have any questions!


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