How to Solve the Biggest Problems of Organization

Let’s face it: we all come across the problem of organization in our homes, but how we fix it is the real question. Some people think that organizing means labeling each and every thing or putting every button and thread in a jar, but in reality that is never the case. When you organize something, your goal should be to effectively use space while, at the same time, making a distinctive, special place for something. This is an important concept of organizing that most people (including me…) forget. When we see the word ‘organizing’ we immediately think of our label maker or our little plastic containers or even endless back pain and trust me, that’s not wrong; however, what we should be thinking about is how we can make something easily attainable while avoiding clutter.

organize spicesOrganizing is a big part of our lives, and we need to learn how to face it. Whether it’s putting every spice from the kitchen in a jar or making a binder for every kind of paper, or merely separating the laundry, without organization our lives would be a mess.


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