Standing there just me and her. Shivering on the ledge of the pool. Getting ready to do something so trivial but with so much meaning and importance. The drops of water on our bodies trickled down on our heavily-sun screened-skin and onto to the tiles like pigment from watercolors spreads on water-washed-watercolor paper. We were freezing in the cold wind yet parching in the sun like handmade uneven spheres of cookie dough do in an oven. Standing on that ledge we felt as if we were on top of the world just as anyone would feel while taking a selfie in the wobbly cart of a Ferris wheel that has just reached its highest point. Suddenly the wind whistled louder and struck our bare bodies with no sense of mercy as if it was singing all the high notes from a song in the “Sound of Music.” At that moment we wanted the sun to come out and protect us from the unyielding cold. We wanted heat to take over us like frying foods dropped into a pot full of boiling oil. It was then that we counted. We swung our arms back still holding onto each other’s hand and from that point forward, everything we did was simultaneous. Our feet bounced of the ledge and our knees bent so that our toes would go behind us. While drifting in midair for approximately a little less than a second, we smiled our biggest smiles and hit the water. After the beast-like waves had recovered and the thunderous noise had faded, our heads bobbed up.


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