Summer Pool

I stepped out into my backyard sliding the shiny glass door behind me. The June sun glared at me as I tip-toed on the rough, hot tiles as if they were hot coals. The smell of sunscreen lingered behind me as I admired my bright blue pool which sparkled in the light of the sun. I thought I was the only one there until a pair of waddling legs which belong to my three-year-old brother came out from behind me. Wearing his Mickey Mouse trunks and his bulky shark floats, he smiled, squinting eyes looking up at me. He cautiously sat down on the first step of the pool, patiently waiting for me to accompany him. I walked over to the edge of the deepest part of the pool while my brother stoop upon his step where the pool was only three feet deep.. He counted: one…two…three! We both jumped and hit the cool, refreshing water with a loud SPLASH.


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