I was sitting in my kindergarten classroom with my purple winter jacket curled up around me. From the window I could see the Texas flag with its lone star flailing wildly in the winter wind. When I touched the glass of the window, my hand with leave an imprint with the fog. Suddenly, I noticed a specks of white drifting outside. All at once, my teacher led us outside into the playground and for the first time I saw snow. I watched as the small dots of snow swirled like particles from a dandelion and landed on the sharp green blades of the grass. I was hoping to create snowmen and snow angels but as soon as the snow landed it melted into random drops of water. I felt freedom to be out there in the snow, running around and gliding through them carelessly with my huge jacked floating behind me like a cape. For a moment, I stopped and help out my small palm. I observed as a minute piece of snow descended upon my hand and transformed into a perfect droplet of water that could’ve been mistaken for a clear pearl. Soon enough it was time to go back inside but I will always remember seeing my first snow.


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