Big Brother

Swish! After much positioning and aiming, the orange ball finally makes it in. All the anticipation built up in Victor Ufondu who is fourteen, his twin sister Victoria, his brother Michael who is seven, and his brother Jared who is five is finally paid off with shouts and cheers for the victorious Victor. After a tiring game, the Ufondu kids gather around the fireplace with Victor and patiently listen as he narrates aloud a favorite book to them: “Harry Potter”. Though Victor enjoys being out on the field and playing sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and baseball, one of his favorite places to visit with his siblings is his Godmother’s house in Sacramento. Here he smells the inviting aroma of fresh chocolate chip cookies and the playful screams of his Godmother’s kids. A football leaves Victor’s fingers and glides in the air until… Catch! One of Victor’s favorite things to do at his Godmother’s house is play with her children that are younger than him. Another favorite thing to do with his siblings, Victor enjoys visiting Disneyland. The four children enthusiastically wait in the line for one of their favorite rides: Tower of Terror. As the youngest siblings, Michael and Jared step aboard the ride, they shiver with fear however, as a big brother, Victor pacifies them. Before he knows it, he feels himself rising higher and higher in the pitch-black tower. Suddenly a speck of light appears and all at once, Victors feels screams escaping his throat and butterflies swirling in his stomach; he and Victoria both have their hands flailing in the air while Michael and Jared hold on tight to the rubber bar in front of them. When he’s not at the world’s happiest place or his Godmother’s house, you can find Victor with a Rickney Organ book in his hand. Victor will definitely go on to make the world a better place by helping others starting with his beloved brothers and sister.


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